dabbling in minimalism

Starting in November I’ll be dabbling in minimalism. I hope I don’t bore you all to death but this is something I’ve always been intrigued by – my husband is a minimalist and does it really well. He’s actually my inspiration and always looks put together with a single pair of jeans and T-shirts I can count on one hand.

In an effort to focus on what’s important to me in the next 6 months of working on some goal crushing and saving some cash, I’m starting by pairing down my wardrobe to less than 50 items for 6 months. This includes work out wear (not including socks / underwear / bras). This also means I won’t be buying myself anything for 6 months! The only other exceptions are formal-wear (if needed) for Christmas/holiday. Oh and one gift each at Christmas for everyone. This isn’t a totally original idea – this very cool chick does wardrobe capsules very well and so does this one.

I’ll also be clearing out our pantry, cupboards and fridge to rid of anything unneeded. I’m already an avid minimalist when it comes to cooking. Simple, healthy and few ingredients (but generous with garlic and spice) is always the perfect recipe.

Call me out if I forget in 5 months why I’m wearing the same beat up t-shirt and jeans? Hopefully my capsule looks like this beautiful one which is not mine:



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